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David Poynton: My Running Story

It got to a stage in life where I had to do something! I was 21 and a half stone at my heaviest and i was very,very unfit.

One day my son told me about an app on his phone that he was going to give a try it was called couch to 5k, but I couldn't run at my size. I bought a fitness game for my games console and stuck to it religiously 3 times a week along with a complete change in diet. Because of my size the weight soon started dropping off me.

After I'd lost a few stone I bought a battered treadmill and started on a journey that at the time i didn't know was going to completely changed my life!

I completed the programme and with my new body shape no longer leaving me self-conscious I looked for something more. I found the next step in my journey and it came in the form of Parkrun and i absolutely loved its concept and inclusiveness and was hooked!

I then joined a local running club competing in many races before I needed something new to keep driving me forward.

Enter Arboretum Running club!

I'm a relatively new member but I love the welcoming a friendly atmosphere and the different tasks set by the lovely run leaders, even the hill reps!!

I'm now down to between 13 and a half and 14 stone with over 200 Parkruns under my belt and very happy and grateful to this new life running has given me and the new friends I've met along the way.

Thanks for taking the time to read the short version of a big journey in my life and all the best Dave.

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