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The Graham Calder Story

In April 2017 I had to take some time off work with stress and anxiety. At that time I was overweight weighing 19 stone 7 pounds and the weight definitely played apart in my mental well-being. My GP told me about the Couch to 5K scheme and it was in June 2017 that I first met up with the Arboretum Runners

Well I turned up every week and did my top up runs in between and not only did the weight drop off (I was dieting as well), but I felt better within myself as well. A large part of this was the welcoming nature of everyone involved and in particular Lynne Tandy who is one of the most encouraging and positive people I’ve ever met!


I was soon doing Park Run on a regular basis and I loved it however in October 2017 my grandson Luca was hurt in an accident that involved him being transferred by Air Ambulance. I was still off work at this time and I spent a lot of time with my daughter taking Luca to hospital appointments. As a family we were so grateful for the care Luca received that I decided to try and do a bit back for the Air Ambulance and so I signed up for the Manchester Half Marathon. I did this run in May 2018 and yet again the encouragement from the Arboretum Runners was incredible!

Fast forward to the present and I still look forward to Monday nights catching up with new and old friends. My weight is down to 12 stone 7 pounds and I average running about 25 kilometres a week. Did I say how addictive running can be? Through Lynne’s and the other Run Leaders dedication and hard work the club seems to get bigger AND better on a weekly basis. What is nice is that the social side is developing as well and we enjoyed our first Christmas party last year with various events planned for 2019.

Arboretum Runners has helped change my life for the better and I couldn’t recommend a better way of spending an hour on a Monday night!

Manchester Half Marathon

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