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Walsall Arboretum Running Club was formed in 2012 with just 6 regular runners meeting every Monday evening. In 2020 the club became England Athletics affiliated for the first time. The club now has over 120 runners registered and between 40-50 regular runners every week. We have members of all abilities, from seasoned runners to fun runners and all are welcome regardless of age, gender or experience.

Each session is broken down into 3 groups, 10k and beyond. 5-10k and beyond and every 12 weeks 0-5k weekly programme starts, this is designed to get you running, getting healthier and fitter.  The groups are given regular tasks, hill work, speed, distance, endurance and strength.  Routes vary and depend on weather conditions.

Each group is accompanied by a nominated member(s) at the front and the back, who ensure that no one runs unsupported.


We have 8 fully qualified run leaders in England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness.

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Running in the City
Running Together

The Beginning
This is where your journey starts with our Couch to 5K group.

Already Runners
This is our Group 1 which is aimed for those who can already run 3K

Keep me going
This is our Group 2 which is aimed for those who can run 5K in around 30-40 minutes.


Challenge Me
This is our Group 3 which is designed for more experienced runners who are able to run 5km in under 30 minutes.